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What is Professional Coaching?
Our highly trained professional coaches provide an opportunity to address a variety of issues to dramatically increase both personal and organizational success. Coaching is confidential, convenient and cost-effective.

In working with a certified coach, we will help you to create substantial, sustainable change:

  • Raising your level of awareness to trigger an "AHA!" moment that will open up infinite new possibilities, seeing situations and circumstances from a completely different perspective
  • Guiding and supporting you to step outside of your comfort zones to meet the challenges that are blocking your success
  • Supporting and encouraging you to explore new tools and techniques to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be

Professional coaching is as close as your telephone

Regularly scheduled telephone-coaching sessions are helping individuals and teams build paths to personal and organizational success.

Leadership Development and Coaching

Coaching those we supervise, mentor and manage is a key element of leadership and can help you develop a better relationship with your team, resulting in higher productivity and greater morale.

By the end of this workshop, participants will understand the differing personality types within their organization and how to successfully motivate and support their team while building a coaching culture within their organization.


Because it works! Listening, offering acknowledgment, respect, ensuring confidentiality, asking questions that encourage deeper thinking, and facilitating SMART* goal-setting can add up to a lot.

Here are some outcomes you can anticipate:

· Strengthened relationships

· Building a stronger foundation of greater trust

· More open communication

· Increased initiative

· Higher motivation

· Meaningful engagement with the mission of the organization

· Greater accountability

· Enhanced team performance


Competency 1: Participants will understand their distinct personality type using True Colors.

Learning Objective: Participants will understand their own personality types, be able to recreate the activity within their own organization to provide feedback, recognize and encourage the strengths of various personality types in the work place.

Competency 2: Participants will be able to understand and practice 13 core coaching concepts and skills.

Learning Objective: Participants will use key elements demonstrated and presented by the facilitator, engagement in small group activities, mock coaching sessions and evaluation of other coaches during mock sessions.

Competency 3: Participants will use tools and templates to enhance coaching skills, provide feedback and not problem solve for their employees.

Learning Objective: Participants will use handouts and templates to practice coaching skills to enhance their own professional development and their team members. Participants will foster a coaching culture and strategic thinking process that will empower team members to become better leaders.

Participants will participate in individual, small group and large group coaching opportunities based on real-life situations to enhance the use of coaching skills that can be replicated within their organizations.

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.” 

TS Elliot
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