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Amy R. Hoyte, Executive Director, Rebuilding Together
Flynn Strategic Solutions Clients
Alison Kiss, MS, Executive Director, Security on Campus, Inc.
“Melissa’s desire is always to further the maturity of an organization and leading the organization to examine its own culture and methods.” 
"Her excellent organization and communication skills translated into a high functioning Board meeting quality outcomes in a short amount of time. She is a compassionate and thoughtful moderator who promotes healthy conflicts and helps guide its resolution.”
Flynn Strategic Solutions helps to develop leaders and non-profit organizations through analysis, assessment, development and creation of goal-oriented action plans for individuals and non-profit organizations. My expertise and experience help clients reach and realize their greatest personal and professional success. FSS works to cultivate opportunities into achievable milestones, focusing on increasing organizational effectiveness and excellence in nonprofit management, leadership and governance. The following is a list of my key clients:

  • Consultant and Coach--- Achieving Board Excellence: Delaware Association of Non-Profits
  • Consultant, Trainer: Standards for Excellence: Maryland Association of Non-Profits
  • Certified Consultant-- Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofits
  • Consultant and Coach—Excellence in Governance, NeighborWorks America, Washington DC
  • Consultant, coach and trainer--Rebuilding Together National --- Affiliate Services, Disaster Relief, Leadership, Washington DC
  • Consultant: Joshua Freeman Foundation, Delaware
  • Consultant and Coach: Clear Space Theater, Delaware
  • Consultant, Coach and Trainer: Rebuilding Together, New Jersey and Tacoma, WA
  • Consultant and Interim CEO: Rebuilding Together New York, NY
  • Consultant and Coach—CAMP Rehoboth, Delaware
  • Consultant and Coach ---- Delaware Grantmakers Association, Wilmington DE
  • Consultant ---- Rehoboth Beach Concert Band, Rehoboth Beach, DE
  • Consultant ---- Delaware Theater Company, Wilmington DE
  • Consultant ---- Milton Art Guild, Delaware
  • Consultant ---- Epilepsy Foundation, Delaware
  • Consultant ---- SCOAR Foundation
  • Faculty Trainer ----- NeighborWorks America, Washington DC
  • Consultant ---- Delaware Nature Society, Delaware
  • Consultant --- Faithful Friends, Wilmington DE
  • Facilitator/Trainer – Pinebrook Family Matters, Allentown Pa
  • Trainer --- Biggs Museum, Wilmington DE
  • Consultant --- Delaware Institute for Arts and Education, Wilmington DE
  • Consultant/CFO ---- NACCOP Association, Delaware (National Association)
  • Consultant/Director ---Dexter F. and Dorothy H. Baker Foundation, Allentown Pa